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Added by gcoth on 17 Mar 2014
Girls’ Choir
The Girls’ Choir at Grace Church is for young women ages 8 – 17, and historically has been closely connected with our Women’s Choir, creating the St. Cecilia Choir. The Girls’ Choir now sings in combination with all the Grace Church choirs, including the Men’s and Boys’ choirs, as well as with the Women. The girls become fluent in music reading, refine their vocal technique, and improve their choral blend. They also receive a small stipend for their hard work and dedication, which is dependent on age, experience, and attendance. Private musical instruction in piano, voice or strings is available at a subsidized cost to all members of this choir. The Girls’ Choir also participates in concerts at church and travel on choir tours at home and abroad. The Girls rehearse every Monday from 5:15-6:30 and sing on most Sunday mornings.