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Added by alreinke on 5 Jun 2012
UM Students at Threshold 2005
Date taken: 25 Mar 2005
Write-up published in the "Music @ Michigan" Magazine (Spring 2005): The work of six School of Music students recently represented the University of Michigan at Threshold 2005, a festival of student electroacoustic music hosted by Bowling Green State University (BGSU). Five other regional schools were also represented at the festival: Ball State University, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Oberlin Conservatory, Indiana University and Bowling Green State University. Nathan Whetsell’s (senior, CPAT) “Chrysostomos,” a video and electronic music project, began the festival. The video incorporated Sarah Evens’ (senior, dance) dance, Sofa Remnants. Robert Alexander (first year, PAT) shared his electroacoustic work, “Waveshaping Helmets.” Angela Veomett (first year, MA Media Arts) presented her video project, “I Went to Bed.” The festival concluded with Jay Bordeleau’s (BM, 2004), performance of, Through Leaves for Percussion and Tape by Andrea Reinkemeyer (MM, 01; DMA candidate).
Composer: Andrea Reinkemeyer
Instrument: Percussion
Festival: Threshold 2005