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Vivier: Lonely Child
Lonely Child (16:04) N/A
Hasse: L'Armonica
L'Armonica: I. Introduction; II. Aria: A perchè col canto mio; III. Recitative: Ardir, germana; IV Aria: Alla stagion de' fiori (28:23) N/A
Lerdahl: Wake
Wake (16:20) N/A
Owens: 4 Sonnets to Duse, Op. 102 N/A
I - To Eleonora Duse (3:30) N/A
II - To a Picture of Eleonora Duse in "The Dead City" (3:59) N/A
Wolf: Goethe Lieder
Ganymed (5:46) N/A
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