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Folksong: Petru's Panflute Solo
Purtata Rara (0:36) N/A
Folksong: Quinta's Quena Solo
Yaravi et Huayno (0:28) N/A
Folksong: Deshi's Dizi Solo
Lady Meng Jiang (0:33) N/A
Vivaldi: Faith & her Friends' Flute Trio
Autumn from "The Four Seasons" (0:36) N/A
Mozart: Faith's Flute Solo
The Magic Flute (0:29) N/A
Chinese Folksong
Tereasa Payne, Chinese Xiao (0:25) N/A
Tereasa Payne, Shinobue (0:49) N/A
Tereasa Payne, Shakuhachi (0:10) N/A
Whelan: Riverdance
Countess Cathleen - Pennywhistle (0:12) N/A
Tereasa Payne, Ocarina (0:10) N/A
Snyder: Nostalgic
Tereasa Payne, Native American Flute (0:34) N/A
Reilly: "Your Son" from "Loch Lomond the musical"
Tereasa Payne, Irish Flute (0:10) N/A
Birds Amid Tree Shadows
Tereasa Payne, Chinese Dizi (0:08) N/A
Cambodian Folksong
Cambodian Folksong (0:27) N/A
Folksong: Purtata Rara
Purtata Rara (1:21) N/A
Goodwin: High Maintenance
Composer: Gordon Goodwin
Recording Date: Sat 3 Aug 2013
Tereasa Payne, Alto Sax (0:49) N/A
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