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Cooman: The Acts of the Apostles, Oratorio for Baritone, Chorus, Audience, and Chamber Orchestra N/A
I - Prologue (4:43) N/A
II - Pentecost (6:04) N/A
III - Prayer for Boldness (3:47) N/A
IV - Stephen (14:16) N/A
V - Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch (5:37) N/A
VI - Conversion of Saul (7:45) N/A
VII - Epilogue (5:49) N/A
Cooman: The Litany of Light for Chorus, Soloists, Brass Quintet, Timpani, and Organ
Composer: Carson P. Cooman
Conductor: Edward Elwyn Jones
Recording Date: Sun 11 Nov 2007
The Litany of Light (2007) for chorus, soloists, brass quintet, timpani, and organ (13:39) N/A
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