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Quilter: Elizabethan Lyrics (7), Op. 12 N/A
Weep you no More (2:16) N/A
My Life's Delight (1:21) N/A
Damask Roses (1:07) N/A
The Faithful Shepherdess (1:44) N/A
Brown is my Love (1:14) N/A
By a Fountainside (2:23) N/A
Fair House of Joy (1:46) N/A
Harbison: Mirabai Songs N/A
It's true, I went to the market (2:25) N/A
Where did you go? (2:29) N/A
The Clouds (2:54) N/A
Barber: Mélodies passagères, Op. 27 N/A
Puisque tout passe (1:24) N/A
Un cygne (2:25) N/A
Tombeau dans un parc (1:50) N/A
Le clocher chante (1:19) N/A
Départ (1:47) N/A
Schubert: Gretchen am Spinnrade, D 118/Op. 2
Gretchen am Spinnrade, D 118/Op. 2 (3:12) N/A
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