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Ives: New England Holidays N/A
Washington's Birthday (9:36) N/A
Decoration Day (8:29) N/A
The Fourth of July (5:44) N/A
Thanksgiving and Forefathers' Day (14:22) N/A
Nelson: Three Mountain Ballads N/A
He’s Gone Away (3:14) N/A
Will He Remember (2:09) N/A
Barbara Allen (3:29) N/A
Barnum: The Lady in the Water
The Lady in the Water (6:13) N/A
Schuman: Carols of Death N/A
The Last Invocation (3:21) N/A
The Unknown Region (4:20) N/A
To All, to Each (3:11) N/A
Tavener: Song for Athene
Song for Athene (6:41) N/A
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