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Mazzoli: Tooth and Nail
Tooth and Nail (10:20) N/A
Mazzoli: Ecstatic Science N/A
Billboard / Intro... (3:02) N/A
Ecstatic Science (8:19) N/A
Mazzoli: Dissolve, Oh My Heart
Dissolve, Oh My Heart (8:36) N/A
Mazzoli: Opera, Song from the Uproar
Composer: Missy Mazzoli
Here Where Footprints Erase the Graves (7:52) N/A
Mazzoli: Magic With Everyday Objects
Composer: Missy Mazzoli
Ensemble: NOW Ensemble
Recording Date: Sat 22 Nov 2008
Magic With Everyday Objects (9:00) N/A
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