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Babbitt: All Set
Composer: Milton Babbitt
Conductor: Charles Peltz
All Set (11:01) N/A
Colgrass: Winds of Nagual
Composer: Michael Colgrass
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Winds of Nagual (24:07) N/A
Grainger: Lincolnshire Posy N/A
Lisbon (1:22) N/A
Harkstow Grange (2:44) N/A
Rufford Park Poachers (4:00) N/A
The Brisk Young Sailor (1:37) N/A
Lord Melbourne (3:09) N/A
The Lost Lady Found (2:42) N/A
Stravinsky: Octet for Wind Instruments N/A
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Sinfonia (4:04) N/A
Tema con variazioni (9:26) N/A
Finale (2:46) N/A
Gabrieli: Canzona XV
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Canzona XV (4:28) N/A
Lindberg: Gran Duo
Composer: Magnus Lindberg
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Gran Duo (19:27) N/A
Belcher: Donald Miller Piece
Composer: Jason Belcher
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Donald Miller Piece (6:46) N/A
Grondahl: Concerto for Trombone N/A
Moderato assai ma molto maestoso (4:46) N/A
Quasi una leggenda: Andante grave (5:34) N/A
Finale: Maestoso (5:41) N/A
Husa: Music for Prague 1968 N/A
Composer: Karel Husa
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Recording Date: Tue 26 Feb 2013
III - Interlude (4:07) N/A
IV - Toccata and Chorale (7:25) N/A
Husa: Les Couleurs Fauves N/A
Composer: Karel Husa
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Persistent Bells (5:33) N/A
Ritual Dance Masks – Andante ritmico (11:41) N/A
Husa: Concertino for Piano and Wind Ensemble
Composer: Karel Husa
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Allegretto moderato (5:09) N/A
Dvorak: Serenade for Winds in D minor, Op. 44 N/A
Composer: Antonin Dvorak
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Andante con moto (8:04) N/A
Finale – Allegro molto (6:37) N/A
Husa: Twelve Moravian Songs N/A
Composer: Karel Husa
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Už je slúnko (1:30) N/A
Mezi dvema vršky (1:54) N/A
Byla láska (1:03) N/A
Ked sa Slovák (2:32) N/A
Krommer: Octet-Partita in F major, Op. 57
Composer: Franz Krommer
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Allegro vivace (4:17) N/A
Strauss: Sonatina no 2 in E flat major for 16 Winds, AV 143 "Happy Workshop" N/A
Composer: Richard Strauss
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Allegro con brio (13:41) N/A
Andantino, sehr gemachlich (5:12) N/A
Menuet: Etwas lebhaft (4:46) N/A
Einleitung (Andante) und allegro (17:34) N/A
Messiaen: Oiseaux exotiques
Oiseaux exotiques (16:51) N/A
Gabrieli: Canzona XIV
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Canzona XIV (3:34) N/A
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