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Schuman: New England Triptych N/A
Composer: William Schuman
Conductor: William Drury
Be Glad Then, America (5:51) N/A
When Jesus Wept (7:29) N/A
Chester (4:33) N/A
Ewazen: Symphony in Brass N/A
Composer: Eric Ewazen
Conductor: William Drury
Andante – Allegro molto (6:42) N/A
Andante con moto (6:13) N/A
Allegro vivace (6:42) N/A
Cupero: Honey Boys on Parade
Honey Boys on Parade (2:07) N/A
Tippett: Triumph: A paraphrase of ‘The Mask of Time’
Triumph: A paraphrase of ‘The Mask of Time’ (16:52) N/A
Bach: Brandenburg Concerto no 3 in G major, BWV 1048 N/A
Allegro moderato (4:40) N/A
Andante (0:30) N/A
Allegro assai (4:10) N/A
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