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Schnyder: Charlie Parker's YARDBIRD
Composer: Daniel Schnyder
2020-21 Season Preview: Charlie Parker's YARDBIRD (10:13) N/A
Schnyder: Songbook for Saxophone and Orchestra N/A
Composer: Daniel Schnyder
Songbook: I. Be not Afeard the Island Is Full of Sounds (4:19) N/A
Songbook: II. She Walks in Beauty Like the Night (5:53) N/A
Songbook: III. Can You Tell What I Am Dreaming? (5:53) N/A
Songbook: V. Epitaph: "He Could Have Had Any Job in Rome - But Didn't" (2:11) N/A
Schnyder: Concerto for Nay N/A
Intro / about Concerto for Nay... (1:05) N/A
Concerto for Nay (8:24) N/A
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