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Rodgers: The Carousel Waltz N/A
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Conductor: Richard Rodgers
Introduction to Rodgers (0:26) N/A
The Carousel Waltz (7:53) N/A
Closing and Credits (1:39) N/A
Rodgers: It Never Entered My Mind
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Artists: Jay Clayton (Alto); Howard McGill (Alto, Clarinet, Flute); Andy Panayi (Alto Flute, Piccolo); Juliet Lewis (Oboe); Vic Ash (Clarinet, Tenor); Martin Williams (Clarinet, Flute, Tenor); Jay Craig (Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet); Colin Skinner (Bassoon); Dan Culpepper (French Horn); Theresa McDonnell (French Horn); Patrick Milando (French Horn); Paul Riggio (French Horn); Tom DeLibero (Trumpet); Bruce Gates (Trumpet); Kevin Lawson (Trumpet); Greg Marciel (Trumpet); Sonny Hernandez (Trombone); Dave Steinmeyer (Trombone); Kevin Stout (Trombone); Nathan Tanouye (Trombone); Marty Erickson (Tuba); Marcia Labella (Harp); Frank Mantooth (Piano); Danny Embrey (Guitar); Helen Chytrova (Violin); Anna Fliegerova (Violin); Katerina Gemrotov√° (Violin); Slavomir Horinka (Violin); Thomas Kadlubiec (Violin); Radim Kresta (Violin); Mlluse Melicharova (Violin); Barbora Mrackova (Violin); Eva Nachmilnerova (Violin); Petr Pavlicek (Violin); Alexander Penkov (Violin); Tamara Polakovicova (Violin); Rumiko Saka (Violin); Michael Sedlacek (Violin); Josef Spacek (Violin); Veronkia Valisova (Violin); Anna Vankova (Violin); Matej Vlk (Violin); Pavel Horejsi (Viola); Jindriska Janalova (Viola); Martin Kroupa (Viola); Vladan Maliniak (Viola); Karolina Ruzkova (Viola); Ilja Samojlov (Viola); Ondrej Cibulka (Cello); Simona Hecova (Cello); Bohdana Horecka (Cello); Michaela Kucerova (Cello); Alzbeta Michalova (Cello); Lukas Vanek (Cello); Bob Bowman (Double Bass); Kristen Gustafson; Mark Lowry (Percussion); Tommy Morgan (Percussion); Todd Strait (Drums)
Conductor: Peter Vrabel
It Never Entered My Mind (0:30) N/A
Rodgers: The Sound of Music
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Conductor: André Previn
Recording Date: Sun 8 Dec 1991
My Favorite Things (2:30) N/A
Rodgers: South Pacific N/A
I - Overture (5:59) N/A
II - Dites- Moi/ "Oh, and what is that flower over there?" (2:05) N/A
III - A Cockeyed Optimist (1:24) N/A
IV - "So, when you join the Navy..." (0:28) N/A
V - Twin Soliloquies (2:07) N/A
VI - "One waits so long for what is good" (0:43) N/A
VII - Some enchanted evening (2:54) N/A
VIII - Dites-Moi (reprise) (0:38) N/A
IX - Bloody Mary (1:53) N/A
X - "Say, is that a boar's tooth bracelet on your wrist?" (0:21) N/A
XI - There is Nothin' Like a Dame (5:01) N/A
XII - "Ah, make trouble for me?" (0:47) N/A
XIII - Bali Ha'i (3:33) N/A
XIV - Bali Ha'i (reprise) (1:47) N/A
XV - "So tell us Nellie, what did old Ironbelly want?" (0:24) N/A
XVI - I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa Ma Hair (3:26) N/A
XVII - "Hello, is that a new American Song?" (0:52) N/A
XVIII - Some enchanted evening (reprise) (3:20) N/A
XIX - "Will you come to my party Friday?" (0:35) N/A
XX - A Wonderful Guy (2:34) N/A
XXI - What Should I do, Captain/ Bali Ha'i (reprise) (1:19) N/A
XXII - "You wait, Lootellan..." (0:50) N/A
XXIII - Younger than Springtime/ Bali Ha'i (reprise) (5:33) N/A
XXIV - A Wonderful Guy (reprise) (1:08) N/A
XXV - This How it Feels & A Cockeyed Optimist (reprise) (2:00) N/A
XXVI - Finale Act I- Some Enchanted Evening (reprise) (2:10) N/A
XXVII - Entr'acte (3:07) N/A
XXVIII - Happy Talk (0:36) N/A
XXIX - "It is my great pleasure to bring you our skipper..." (3:49) N/A
XXX - Honey Bun (4:29) N/A
31 - You've Got to be Carefully Taught (2:12) N/A
32 - This Nearly Was Mine (5:08) N/A
33 - "Well, de Beque, I take off pretty soon for Marie Louise..." (0:47) N/A
34 - Some enchanted evening (reprise) (1:06) N/A
35 - "All right, let's start those trucks.../Honey Bun (reprise) (0:44) N/A
36 - Finale Act II- Dites- Moi (reprise) (2:03) N/A
Rodgers: The Sound of Music
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Conductor: Kimberly Syvertsen
Recording Date: Sun 1 May 2011
Do Re Mi (2:10) N/A
Rodgers: My Heart Stood Still
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Recording Date: Thu 28 Feb 1952
My Heart Stood Still (2:22) Work Only
Rodgers: Carousel
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Arranger: Don Walker
Conductor: David Hattner
Recording Date: Sat 26 Dec 2009
The Carousel Waltz (7:35) N/A
Rodgers: The Garrick Gaieties
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Recording Date: Tue 29 Sep 2009
I'll Take Manhattan (0:39) N/A
Rodgers: Babes in Arms
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Recording Date: Tue 29 Sep 2009
My Funny Valentine (0:37) N/A
Rodgers: The Sound of Music
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Conductor: Karen Conrad
Recording Date: Sun 3 May 2009
Selections from The Sound of Music (10:15)
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