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Sanja Stefanovic duo \ Kolarac \ 17.3.2019. - YouTube added by sanjastefanovic on 3 Apr 2019 tag | report
Recent concert with british mezzo-soprano Sophia Grech in Kolarac Concert Hall. Live recording as a part of a project to support bringing classical music to young audience.
??? :: ?????? added by sanjastefanovic on 27 Apr 2018 tag | report
Recent talk on Radio Belgrade 202 @Indeks202 dedicated to all future students answering their crucial questions about studying aborad. This boradcasting was dedicated to studying music in China on a full scholarships. Serbian speakers only.
radiobeograd - ????????? added by sanjastefanovic on 22 Feb 2017 tag | report
Interview Radio Belgrade I Programme 'Susretanja' (Gatherings) a classical broadcast Music : ca. 9th minute de Falla, ca. 28th minute Liszt, ca. 44th minute Ben Vanden Heuvel. Vladimir Drozdoff two songs form the beginning are missing due to some technical problems, we work on it to solve. Editor: Aleksandra Paladin Guest: Sanja Stefanovic, pianist
Sanja Stefanovic in China » Pro Art & Co added by sanjastefanovic on 4 Apr 2014 tag | report
MUSIC FROM THE HEART » Pro Art & Co added by sanjastefanovic on 15 Jan 2014 tag | report
Women in Democracy, Nov. 16th 2013, London, UK
Biser - Concert - Nenad Obradovic Photography added by sanjastefanovic on 4 Nov 2013 tag | report
Take a glance into the first MOBA Project Concert that took place in London, at Mayfair, University Women´s Club.
Comments on culture: Interview: Pianist Sanja Stefanovic ... added by sanjastefanovic on 6 Oct 2013 tag | report
An interview with Evan Dickerson about MOBA Project.
YouTube - Moba 3 added by sanjastefanovic on 24 Sep 2013 tag | report
The unique project, presenting some finest romantic aria composed by Serbian composers like Kornelije Stankovic, Isidor Bajic, Stevan Hristic, Stanislav Binicki.
Gallery: Mobile Balkan project at the Embassy « Britic –... added by sanjastefanovic on 28 Mar 2012 tag | report
Sanja Stefanovic, piano
Facebook - Sanja Stefanovic added by sanjastefanovic on 16 Feb 2012 tag | report
Facebook - Sanja Stefanovic added by sanjastefanovic on 16 Feb 2012 tag | report
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