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Review: For a Confident Debut, a Young Singer Turns to Sc... added by focm on 10 Jan 2019 tag | report
Benjamin Appl's review from his debut performance in New York at the Park Avenue Armory.
Lawrence Brownlee preview: a journey | Oregon ArtsWatch added by focm on 4 Apr 2018 tag | report
Pavel Haas Quartet, Black Violin reviews: on and off the ... added by focm on 31 May 2017 tag | report
Review of the Pavel Haas Quartet concert on March 13 & 14 by Matthew Andrews.
Calmus review: polish and precision | Oregon ArtsWatch added by focm on 31 May 2017 tag | report
Review of the Calmus concert from April 30, 2017 by Terry Ross.
The Portland Love Fest - no secret — Chanticleer added by focm on 31 Mar 2017 tag | report
Blog entry from Chanticleer when they came to visit Portland
Trio con Brio Copenhagen review:  Deeply felt music  | Or... added by focm on 29 Mar 2017 tag | report
Review from the Trio con Brio Copenhagen concert on March 14, 2017 by Terry Ross.
Pacifica Quartet review: Four is enough | Oregon ArtsWatch added by focm on 18 Jan 2017 tag | report
The Oregon Artswatch review on Pacifica Quartet's Jan 9, 2017 performance in Portland written by Terry Ross.
Watch This Piano Duo's Must-See 'Sleigh Ride' Video That ... added by focm on 13 Dec 2016!/story/watch-must-see-sle... tag | report
"Shedding the metaphorical bells and whistles for literal bells and whistles ... and streamers and funny plastic sun glasses and nutcracker miming, Anderson and Roe perform Leroy Anderson’s (no relation) Liszt-y and catchy rendition of the Christmas classic "Sleigh Ride." On eight pianos. At the same time. You’ll see." - Justin Sergi (WQXR)
Slickness as transgression: Piano duo pushes boundaries -... added by focm on 1 Nov 2016 tag | report
"Anderson and Roe, the piano duo who played at the National Gallery on Sunday afternoon, are the very model of complete 21st-century musicians."
Log In - New York Times added by focm on 21 Oct 2016 tag | report
This String Quartet Has a Line of Craft Beer The Danish String Quartet also vacuums, turns the lights out at the end of the night, and it pretty good at music, too. New York Times, by David Allen
Elizabeth Roe: The Executor of Risk | San Francisco Class... added by focm on 26 Sep 2016 tag | report
"... I love the voluptuousness of Rachmaninoff. The truth is, I’m not elitist. I love it all. And whatever you like doesn’t have to be arcane. Nothing is black and white or right and wrong. It’s what goes beyond the music, what resonates with the most truth and authenticity for yourself.” Read this inspiring interview with Elizabeth Roe from Anderson & Roe Piano Duo.
Flickr - Friends of Chamber Music (Portland) added by focm on 9 Aug 2016 tag | report
Twitter - Friends of Chamber Music (Portland) added by focm on 4 Aug 2016 tag | report
Danish String Quartet's Three "Firsts" Point the Way | St... added by focm on 1 Aug 2016 tag | report
Review by Stereophile Magazine on the Danish String Quartet's most recent album featuring works by Thomas Adès, Per Nørgård, and Hans Abrahamsen.
Facebook - Friends of Chamber Music (Portland) added by focm on 19 Jul 2010 tag | report
Friends of Chamber Music added by markdoner on 23 Dec 2008 tag | report
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