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Worth a Reprise at Age 401 added by tnyc on 13 Jan 2011 tag | report
What came through consistently, in a seamless procession of solemn antiphons, ravishing solos, intricately wound polyphony, buoyant instrumental work and artfully dispersed ensembles, was an intense commitment to bringing Monteverdi’s masterwork to life. Obviously, no small credit was due to the composer, from whose flamboyant imagination such glories sprang. But in Ms. Greenleaf’s passionate leadership, Mr. Metcalfe’s exacting direction and the meticulous, stylish performances of all assembled, Monteverdi was in exceptionally capable hands.
Vespers Born of Determination and Joy added by tnyc on 13 Jan 2011 tag | report
(...), the defining quality of the Green Mountain performance may lie less in its intelligent and musicianly approach to the many scholarly issues surrounding the work than in its underlying spirit, engendered by Ms. Greenleaf. Not that she would ever say so. “It’s not about me,” she said of the venture. “I’m just one of the parts.” But for her, she added, “the project grew out of a really dark time, and it has created a lot of beautiful, flourishing joy.” And not only for her.
Best of 2010: Vespers 1610, An Early Music Blog added by tnyc on 23 Dec 2010 tag | report
This was one of the most inspiring stories of the year, a recording by a handful of super-dedicated musicians who mounted a production of the Vespers to celebrate the work’s 400th anniversary. (...) By the way, it’s one of the very best recordings of the Vespers out there.
Justin Davidson's Top 10 Classical Music Performances of ... added by tnyc on 7 Dec 2010 tag | report
To celebrate the work’s 400th anniversary, an ad hoc group of early-musickers adopted the composer’s name (translated into English; monte verde means “green mountain”) and gave a lush, vibrant—and free—performance that deserves to become an annual tradition.
NY Times- Bad Guys Singing Of Love And Power added by B W Grant Barnes on 23 Nov 2010 tag | report
The "bright-voiced" Zammit gave a "poignant" characterization of "Ottone" in the Juilliard production of Monteverdi's "L'incoronazione di Poppea."
Extraordinary New Year's Concert Experience Returns added by tnyc on 22 Nov 2010 tag | report
The Times Square Alliance is promoting the Green Mountain Project's performance of Claudio Monteverdi's Vespers of 1610 on January 2nd, 2011.
Voices of Music Sound Out Tenor Duets added by DrDave on 16 Sep 2009 tag | report
San Francisco Classical Voice features our upcoming concert "Zefiro Torna: A Tale of Two Tenors"
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