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Best Psychologist & Psychotherapist in Trichy, Pondicherr... added by sunaina4 on 22 Jun 2020 tag | report
Born in 1982, Pulkit Sharma is a renowned clinical psychologist, spiritual counsellor and the author of the book When The Soul Heals — Explorations In Spiritual Psychology. He integrates the richness of ancient spiritual perspectives and contemporary psychology helping people reclaim their lives. The focus of his work has been on discovering one's true self, finding one's raison d'etre, connecting to the soul and realizing the vast potential inherent in oneself. Pulkit is a well-known writer and has written several articles, columns and research papers for prominent newspapers, popular magazines and peer reviewed journals. Many readers who follow his writings regularly have reported gaining deep insights from them. He has also conducted retreats and workshops on spirituality, healing, yoga, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and integral psychology.
Raining Acorns: Slouching Toward Lachenmann: Björk’s Abyss added by PrufrocksDilemma on 2 Jan 2011 tag | report
Second in the "Slouching" series, this article explores Minimalism.
Da Camera visits ‘New Worlds' in upcoming season | Entert... added by dacameraofhouston on 11 Oct 2010 tag | report
Delaware Symphony Orchestra's emotional program brings wh... added by danmcd on 2 Oct 2010 tag | report
PSO - "Rach and Romance" added by portlandsymphony on 9 Feb 2010 tag | report
Mercury News: Adams's String Quartet "A Stunner," "One of... added by ensemblemusic on 4 Nov 2009 tag | report
This is an excerpt from the review of Adams' new quartet premiere at Stanford Univ.
John Adams: Official Web Site added by ensemblemusic on 4 Nov 2009 tag | report
With the upcoming Indiana premiere of Adams' new String Quartet by the St. Lawrence String Quartet on November 18th, I thought this link to John Adams website would be interesting. I find his blog to be very entertaining on a wide range of topics. You can hear bits of various compositions too, but those snippets are a bit out of context.
Metropolis Ensemble added by metropolis on 12 Jan 2009 tag | report
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