Sink The Bismark, Music Box
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Bismark: Rarites, B-Sides, and Demos N/A
Composer: Sink The Bismark
Recording Date: Sat 4 Apr 2015
Act I - Seven Years Bad Luck (3:14) N/A
Act II - Hammers and Nails (2:52) N/A
Act III - Sirens Song (3:03) N/A
Act IV - Dancing With Ghosts (4:17) N/A
Act V - Electric American Cowboy (4:02) N/A
Act VI - Festive Violence (3:46) N/A
Act VII - Decades (Demo) (3:30) N/A
Act VIII - Down Down Down (Demo) (3:31) N/A
Act IX - Stop Your Worry (Acoustic) (2:57) N/A
Act X - Closet Monsters (In Da Club Remix) (2:33) N/A