Laércio Diniz, Conductor
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“Conducted by Laércio Diniz, were at their best here” -The New York Times (USA) “I enjoyed the disc . The music is extremely well played by Laecio Diniz and das freie orchester.” This is a lovely disc to dip into.”- Robert Hugill on Mar 7 2016 / ...
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Borenstein: Suspended op. 69 N/A
I - The world of Yesterday- Mysterious (2:22) N/A
II - The world of Yesterday- Moderato (7:32) N/A
III - Suspended (3:59) N/A
IV - Stillness (5:38) N/A
V - Tango (4:20) N/A
VI - Annoyed (3:11) N/A
VII - Boys and Girls (4:19) N/A
VIII - Pizzicato serenade (3:51) N/A
IX - Tomorrow's waltz (5:25) N/A
Rodrigues: Ladainha em La menor N/A N/A
I - Kyrie Allegro maestoso N/A N/A
II - Sancta Maria Adagio N/A N/A
III - Sancta Dei Genitrix Andante N/A N/A
IV - Domus aurea Andantino N/A N/A
V - Consolatrix afflictorum Largo N/A N/A
VI - Regina Angelorum Allegro N/A N/A
Souza: Ladainha em Sol Maior N/A N/A
I - Kyrie/Sancta Maria Andante/Adagio N/A N/A
II - Mater Christi/Mater Salvatoris Allegro moderato/Adagio N/A N/A
III - Virgo prudentissima Allegro moderato N/A N/A
IV - Agnus Dei Andante N/A N/A
Mesquita: Ladainha em Lá Menor N/A N/A
I - Kyrie Andantino N/A N/A
II - Salus infirmorum Moderato N/A N/A
III - Regina Angelorum Andante vivo N/A N/A
IV - Agnus Dei Andante N/A N/A