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Under the vision and leadership of Aaron Collins, the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra reflects all that makes Central Florida special—its creativity, spirit, beauty and quest for knowledge. The SCSO is an emerging player on our cultural landscape with a unique mission: to make professional classical music affordable and accessible to people of all ages.  In an economic environment where many orchestras would fail, we are able to tell the SCSO success story:  While providing more concerts than ...
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Nielsen: Helios Overture, FS 32/Op. 17
Composer: Carl Nielsen
Conductor: Aaron Collins
Recording Date: Thu 12 Aug 2010
Helios Overture, Op. 17 (12:00) N/A
Tchaikovsky: Marche slave, Op. 31
Marche Slave, Op. 31 (9:46) N/A
Vaughan Williams: Symphony no 2 "London" N/A
I - Lento - Allegro risoluto (15:31) N/A
II - Lento (11:27) N/A
III - Scherzo (Nocturne): Allegro vivace (7:25) N/A
IV - Andante con moto - Maestoso alla marcia (quasi lento) - Epilogue (12:54) N/A