Ren Martin-Doike, Viola
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Ren Martin-Doike  is a versatile performer on a mission to share music with diverse audiences around the world. Ms. Martin-Doike has performed throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas as a soloist and member of a diverse range of ensembles including Duo RenJi, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Benny Rietveld Jazz Quintet. Often heard on the radio, Ms. Martin-Doike has notably played for broadcasts on Radio France, American Public Radio, National Public radio as well as RTHK television in H...
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Looking forward to making my Suiss Solo Recital Début on the Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad Festival. Join us in Gstaad for a week of fabulous music (and if you're feeling brave, some skiing!)
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Hindemith: Sonata for Viola solo, Op. 25 no 1 N/A
1. Breit (0:50) N/A
2. Serh frisch und straff (3:18) N/A
3. Sehr langsam (4:37) N/A
4. Rasendes Zeitmaß. Wild (2:22) N/A
5. Langsam, mit viel Ausdruck (4:53) N/A
Hindemith: Sonata for Viola solo, Op. 25 no 1 N/A
Composer: Paul Hindemith
Recording Date: Fri 17 Oct 2014
I - Breit. Viertel (0:50) N/A
II - Sehr frisch und straff. (Viertel) (3:18) N/A
III - Sehr langsam (4:38) N/A
IV - Rasendes Zeitmaß. Wild. Tonschönheit ist Nebensache (2:22) N/A
V - Langsam, mit viel Ausdruck (4:53) N/A