Matthew John Bosch, Composer
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Born in New York, United States, Matthew Bosch studies at Adelphi University with a B.S in Music with concentration in Composition, and Piano. Studying piano under Adrienne Borbely, and Composition under Dr. Sidney M. Boquiren. Having also studied under Christopher Lyndon-Gee, and Paul Moravec.
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Bosch: Three Songs by Graham Everett
Recording Date: Wed 14 Dec 2011
"Apologia" from Three Songs by Graham Everett (4:55) N/A
Bosch: Monograms
Recording Date: Tue 22 Nov 2011
"Monograms" (7:28) N/A
Bosch: Panorama N/A
I - Parting (2:21) N/A
II - Woman (1:26) N/A
III - Masked faces (2:19) N/A
IV - Flip (2:29) N/A
V - Return (4:10) N/A
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