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TENET stands as one of New York's preeminent vocal ensembles. Under artistic director Jolle Greenleaf, TENET presents virtuosic programs sung one voice to a part by distinguished soloists, who are equally at home in an ensemble setting. In February of 2010, Steve Smith of the New York Times praised TENET's performance by writing "Simply put, the performance was sensational!" Presenting repertoire that spans medieval to new music, TENET offers a series of concerts as part of their status as ...
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Ahle: Magnificat
Ensemble: TENET
Recording Date: Sat 16 Oct 2010
Jolle Greenleaf & Molly Quinn, sopranos; Geoffrey Williams, countertenor; Philip Anderson, tenor; Mischa Bouvier, baritone; Kris Kwapis, cornetto; Greg Ingles, Erik Schmalz, & Mack Ramsey, sackbuts; Robert Mealy & Daniel S. Lee, violins; Hank Heijink, theorbo; Avi Stein, organ.
Magnificat (8:46) N/A
Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine (Vespers 1610) N/A
I - Versicle and Response: Deus in adjutorium (2:24) N/A
II - Antiphon I: O admirabile commencium (0:55) N/A
III - Dixit Dominus (Psalm 109) (8:21) N/A
IV - Nigra sum (Motet for one voice) (3:58) N/A
V - Antiphon II: Quando natus es (0:52) N/A
VI - Laudate pueri (Psalm 112) (6:43) N/A
VII - Pulchra es (Motet for two voices) (3:59) N/A
VIII - Antiphon III: Rubum quem viderat Moyses (0:37) N/A
IX - Laetatus sum (Psalm 121) (7:07) N/A
X - Duo seraphim (Motet for three voices) (6:34) N/A
XI - Antiphon IV: Germinavit radix Jesse (0:34) N/A
XII - Nisi Dominus (4:48) N/A
XIII - Audi coelum (8:52) N/A
XIV - Antiphon V: Ecce Maria genuit nobis Salvatorem (0:45) N/A
XV - Lauda Jerusalem (4:27) N/A
XVI - Sonata sopra Sancta Maria (6:38) N/A
XVII - Hymn: Ave maris stella (8:56) N/A
XVIII - Antiphon to the Magnificat: Senex puerum portabat (0:49) N/A
XIX - Magnificat, Et exsultavit (2:03) N/A
XX - Magnificat: Quia respexit (1:43) N/A
XXI - Magnificat: Quia fecit mihi magna (1:11) N/A
XXII - Magnificat: Et misericordia (2:04) N/A
XXIII - Magnificat: Fecit potentiam (0:57) N/A
XXIV - Magnificat: Deposuit potentes (2:40) N/A
XXV - Magnificat: Esurientes implevit bonis (1:44) N/A
XXVI - Magnificat: Suscepit Israel (1:21) N/A
XXVII - Magnificat: Sicut locutus est (1:00) N/A
XXVIII - Magnificat: Gloria Patri (2:32) N/A
XXIX - Magnificat: Sicut erat in principio (2:50) N/A
Monteverdi: O ciechi, ciechi, SV 252
Ensemble: TENET
Recording Date: Sat 13 Feb 2010
LIVE performance: Jolle Greenleaf (soprano), Hai-Ting Chinn (mezzo-soprano), Ryland Angel (countertenor), Marc Molomot (tenor), Joe Chappel (bass), Alexander Woods & Benjamin Charmot (violins), Hank Heijink (theorbo), and Avi Stein (organ).
O ciechi, ciechi (3:54) N/A
Monteverdi: Iste Confessor Primo, SV 278b
Ensemble: TENET
Recording Date: Sat 13 Feb 2010
LIVE Recording: Jolle Greenleaf (soprano), Marc Molomot (tenor), Alexander Woods & Benjamin Charmot (violins), Hank Heijink (theorbo), and Avi Stein (organ)
Iste Confessor Primo (2:31) N/A