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Over the preceding century, the performance and enjoyment of classical and contemporary art music has become a rarified and institutionalized experience, with artists more and more removed and disengaged from their audiences, and audiences more and more limited to passive participation - but no longer!   Quintimacy, founded by musicologist Eleanor Johnston, composer Chad Martin and mezzo-soprano Ramona Carmelly, and pianists Joseph Ferretti and Elaine Lau in 2008, is a Toronto-based group d...
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Martin: i will open petal by petal myself, 4 love poems by e.e. cummings N/A
Composer: Chad Martin
Ensemble: Quintimacy
Recording Date: Sun 3 May 2009
i carry your heart with me (4:04) N/A
i like my body when it is with your body (2:56) N/A
since feeling is first (2:08) N/A
somewhere i have never travelled (6:05) N/A