Peiying Yuan, Composer
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Peiying Yuan (b.1984) is a composer from Singapore. Her music often mediates the lushness of Western harmonies and the soundscapes and heterophony of Eastern musics. Her compositional interests include issues of cyclicity, musical time, and exploring the relationship between form and function. In the electronic medium, she has worked primarily with digital sampling and processing.  Currently a third-year doctoral student at Cornell University, she p...
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Yuan: Night Musings
Night Musings (4:09) N/A
Yuan: Pemesu
Composer: Peiying Yuan
Recording Date: Sat 27 Nov 2010
Pemesu (9:42) N/A
Yuan: Void
Composer: Peiying Yuan
Recording Date: Wed 18 Apr 2012
Void (2:55) N/A
Yuan: Bi-Focal
Composer: Peiying Yuan
Recording Date: Thu 15 Nov 2012
Bi-Focal (7:33) Album Only
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