Aaron Hoke Doenges, Composer
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Aaron Hoke Doenges is an electroacoustic composer based in Nashville, Tennessee. While influences ranging from J.S. Bach and Arnold Schoenberg to John Cage, Edgard Varese', Jonty Harrison, Radiohead and Sigur Ros are present in Doenges’ approach to music, he blends his unique electroacoustic style through a collage of aural pictures. He explores through listening, writing and musical experimentation, searching the world around him for thoughts, sounds and melodies that can be pieced together ...
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Doenges: The Temptation and Banishment
Recording Date: Sat 1 Oct 2011
The Temptation and Banishment (5:50) Album Only
Doenges: 3 Million Words (from 3 Vignettes and a Cup of Black Coffee)
Recording Date: Wed 11 Feb 2009
3 Million Words (from 3 Vignettes and a Cup of Black Coffee) (1:02) Album Only
Doenges: Piece no 1 (Sleeping Bag)
Recording Date: Thu 2 Oct 2008
Piece No. 1 (Sleeping Bag) (1:57) Album Only
Doenges: Pop: The Bubble Wrap
Recording Date: Tue 9 Sep 2008
Pop: The Bubble Wrap (5:12) Album Only
Doenges: Spy On, Eye: On I
Recording Date: Wed 21 Jan 2009
Spy On, Eye: On I (4:45) Album Only
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