Thomas Deneuville, Composer
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Born in France, Thomas was lucky enough to spend most of his childhood on a small island in the Pacific ocean. After an unsuccessful attempt to build a spaceship in his backyard, and some nasty-smelling experiments in chemistry, he decided to learn how to play guitar on his own. The idea of collecting sounds and instruments sprouted in his teen mind, and he was soon owning and playing a handful of instruments. The world was waiting and, timidly, Thomas stepped out only to discover a large...
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Deneuville: Rarely found in pairs N/A
I - Opening Theme (0:27) N/A
II - Glove spiral (0:41) N/A
III - Secondary Theme (0:47) N/A
Deneuville: Three short ostinatos N/A
Recording Date: Thu 11 Dec 2008
I - Glorious and optimistic (2:08) N/A
II - Solid and determined (1:43) N/A
III - Marvelled (2:03) N/A
Deneuville: Tombeau sur le nom de Messiaen
Tombeau sur le nom de Messiaen (3:37) N/A
Deneuville: Kshama
Kshama (1:46) N/A
Deneuville: Travailler pour 110 Euros par mois - Transition #2 N/A
Transition #2 (0:39) N/A
Virgule (1:08) N/A
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1. Rivages