Elizabeth DeMio, Piano
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Elizabeth DeMio is well-known as a collaborative pianist, recitalist and soloist in the Cleveland area. Besides appearing in over 100 concerts annually with local aspiring musicians, she performs frequently with renowned soloists such as David Requiro, Massimo La  Rosa,  Matthew Allen, John Mack, Andrew Sords, Umberto Clerici,  the Cavani Quartet and has appeared in tours and given master classes throughout the U.S., Korea, Mexico and the Carribean.  ...
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Rachmaninov: Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minor, Op. 19 N/A
Recording Date: Sat 22 Jan 2011
I - Lento - Allegro moderato (9:55) N/A
II - Allegro scherzando (6:16) N/A
III - Andante (5:41) N/A
IV - Allegro mosso (11:17) N/A
Mendelssohn: Sonata for Violin and Piano in F major N/A
Recording Date: Wed 18 Mar 2009
Allegro vivace (11:24) N/A
Adagio (6:51) N/A
Assai vivace (5:29) N/A
Brahms: Quartet No. 3 in C minor for Piano and Strings, Op. 60 N/A
I - Allegro ma non troppo (10:03) N/A
II - Scherzo: Allegro (4:14) N/A
III - Andante (9:21) N/A
IV - Finale: Allegro comodo (10:19) N/A
Mendelssohn: Trio for Piano and Strings no 1 in D minor, Op. 49 N/A
I - Molto allegro et agitato (9:31) N/A
II - Andante con moto tranquillo (6:46) N/A
III - Scherzo (3:51) N/A
IV - Finale: Allegro assai appassionato (8:37) N/A
Brahms: Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano in A minor, Op. 114 N/A
I - Allegro (7:37) N/A
II - Adagio (7:44) N/A
III - Andante grazioso (4:10) N/A
IV - Allegro (4:29) N/A