Opera Theater of Pittsburgh
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Opera Theater presents innovative opera for imaginative audiences. Opera Theater is Pittsburgh’s modern music drama company and, as such, focuses on creating new works, on reinterpreting older works in new ways, on building diversity in programming and casting, on supporting emerging talent, and on broadening audiences through outreach and education.
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Amaya: Phantasmagorilla? No! Phantasmagoria N/A
Here we are! At the opera! (1:53) N/A
Of wishes and pennies (1:44) N/A
Dormite mi niño (1:15) N/A
My sweet boy I'm no ghost (2:35) N/A
Grandma, I so miss your smile (0:43) N/A
Nessie?! You came here too? (1:03) N/A
How did you find me? (1:25) N/A
You are nicer over here (1:11) N/A
Of science we talked (0:55) N/A
Hey boy! This is the time (1:42) N/A
You mean, you will be gorilla ghosts? (0:34) N/A
It is you!! You! who is killing (1:46) N/A
Mrs. Cirkem! My science teacher! (0:39) N/A
You think of them as creatures (2:37) N/A
It's us!! We're taking a walk (1:18) N/A
I think I am amused (1:37) N/A
Fight Bernard! (1:41) N/A
She's the one who's being jumping around! (1:02) N/A
You speak music! (2:15) N/A
I was dreaming (1:23) N/A
Wake up Bernard! (1:39) N/A