Karim Al-Zand, Composer
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The music of Canadian-American composer Karim Al-Zand (b.1970) has been called “strong and startlingly lovely” ( Boston Globe ). His compositions are wide-ranging, from settings of classical Arabic poetry to scores for dance and pieces for young audiences. Many of his works explore connections between music and other arts, and draw inspiration from diverse sources such as 19th century graphic art, fables of the world, folk song and jazz. Al-Zand’s music has enjoyed success in the US, Canada a...
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Al-Zand: Four Fables N/A
Composer: Karim Al-Zand
Recording Date: Mon 7 Feb 2005
I - The Grasshopper and the Ant (excerpt) (1:07) N/A
II - The Owl and the Echo (excerpt) (1:06) N/A
III - The Lion, the Fox and the Fish (excerpt) (0:55) N/A
IV - The Man and the Fish-Horn (excerpt) (1:08) N/A
Al-Zand: The Sky With All Its Stars N/A
Composer: Karim Al-Zand
Recording Date: Tue 29 May 2007
I - When she passed by me (excerpt) (0:45) N/A
II - It was in May (excerpt) (1:02) N/A
III - Do not go, my love (excerpt) (1:04) N/A
IV - If you would have it so (excerpt) (1:00) N/A
V - Then finish the last song (excerpt) (1:02) N/A
VI - I would ask for still more (excerpt) (1:04) N/A
Al-Zand: Tableau and Details N/A
Composer: Karim Al-Zand
Ensemble: Fischer Duo
Recording Date: Sat 1 Aug 2009
I - Tableau (excerpt) (1:16) N/A
II - Detail 1 (excerpt) (1:57) N/A
III - Detail 2 (excerpt) (1:51) N/A
IV - Detail 3 (excerpt) (2:01) N/A
V - Detail 4 (excerpt) (1:37) N/A
Al-Zand: Duet N/A
Composer: Karim Al-Zand
Recording Date: Sat 1 Aug 2009
II - Dalliance (excerpt) (1:17) N/A
III - Dance (excerpt) (1:26) N/A