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New England Conservatory (NEC) is recognized worldwide as a leader among music schools. NEC is the oldest independent school of music in the United States. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, NEC offers rigorous education in an intimate, nurturing community to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate music students from around the world, and presents 1000 free concerts each year. Through its Preparatory School, School of Continuing Education, and Community Programs and Partn...
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Diesendruck: Variant Scenarios: Chain 1 N/A
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Origin Story 2 (5:25) N/A
Link 2; Genetic Drift 1; Genetic Drift Generation 3; Link 4A; Genetic Drift Generation 8 (2:28) N/A
Genetic Drift 2 (2:32) N/A
Link 5 (3:25) N/A
Root Line 2 (4:37) N/A
Minakakis: Skiagrafies III
Conductor: Boyang Yu
Skiagrafies III (11:17) N/A
Stravinsky: Concerto for Piano and Winds N/A
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Largo - Allegro (7:29) N/A
Largo (6:08) N/A
Allegro (5:35) N/A
Colgrass: Winds of Nagual
Composer: Michael Colgrass
Conductor: Boyang Yu
Winds of Nagual (25:42) N/A