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Music in the Loft is dedicated to advancing the professional careers of today's finest young musicians by providing a venue for the performance of chamber music in an intimate and acoustically superior setting. Our Composer-in-Residence program, Classics for Kids series, and Young Award Winners' Concerts support this goal, bringing chamber music to audiences of all ages and diverse levels of musical experience. History Music in the Loft came into being in spring 1992 with a single series of...
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Tommasini: The Procession
Recording Date: Sun 18 Jan 2009
III - In Memoriam II: Alone in the Hills (4:34) N/A
Tommasini: Dreams of Orpheus
Ensemble: Antares
Recording Date: Sun 23 Nov 2008
Dreams of Orpheus (10:22) N/A
Tommasini: Tell Me...
Ensemble: Parker Quartet
Recording Date: Sun 21 Sep 2008
Tell Me... (13:03) N/A
Fung: Miniatures
Floating (2:01)
Light and Playful (2:30)
Improvisation-like (2:58)
A Piacere (4:42)
Garrop: Quartet for Strings no 2 "Demons and Angels"
Demonic Spirits (7:59)
Song of the Angels (3:57)
Inner Demons (7:39)
Broken Spirit (10:58)