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The Sydney Symphony Orchestra is Australia’s flagship Orchestra and performs up to 150 concerts a year to a combined annual audience of more than 350,000.
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Tchaikovsky: Humoresque, Op.10 No.2
Conductor: Vladimir Ashkenazy
Recording Date: Sat 8 Dec 2012
Humoresque, Op.10 No.2 (2:36) N/A
Stravinsky: Firebird N/A
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Conductor: David Robertson
Recording Date: Wed 6 Aug 2008
Introduction (3:11) N/A
Kashchei's enchanted garden (2:01) N/A
The Firebird appears, persued by Ivan Tsarevich (2:23) N/A
Dance of the Firebird (1:29) N/A
Ivan Tsarevich captures the Firebird (0:51) N/A
The Firebird's entreaties (6:19) N/A
Appearance of the thirteen enchanted princesses (2:34) N/A
The princessess play with the golden apples (Scherzo) (2:32) N/A
Sudden appearance of Ivan Tsarevich (1:16) N/A
Khorovod (Round Dance) of the princessess (4:53) N/A
Sunrise (1:32) N/A
Ivan Tsarevich manages to enter Kashchei's palace - Magical chimes, the entrance of Kashchei's guardian monsters and the capture of Ivan Tsarevich (1:32) N/A
Arrival of Kashchei the Immortal (1:09) N/A
Kashchei's dialogue with Ivan Tsarevich (1:12) N/A
The princesses plead for mercy (1:04) N/A
The Firebird appears (0:34) N/A
Kashchei's retinue dances under the Firebird's spell (0:48) N/A
Infernal dance of all Kashchei's subjects (5:01) N/A
Berceuse (The Firebird) (2:55) N/A
Kashchei's awakening - Death of Kashchei - Dark shadows (2:43) N/A
The palace disappears and Kashchei's spells are broken, the stone knights return to life - General rejoicing (4:26) N/A
Strauss: Elektra: "Schweig, und tanze"
Composer: Richard Strauss
Birgit Nilsson/Georg Solti/Vienna Philharmonic 475-8231 - Decca
Elektra: "Schweig, und tanze" (3:50) N/A
Robertson: Introduction to R Strauss Elektra
Composer: David Robertson
Introduction to R Strauss Elektra (1:00) N/A
Robertson: Introduction to Janacek Sinfonietta
Composer: David Robertson
Introduction to Janacek Sinfonietta (0:59) N/A