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(Portland, OR) — Since its founding in 1971, Chamber Music Northwest has become one of the most successful summer music festivals in the nation, and now presents concerts on a year-round basis. Each summer CMNW presents a five-week festival season of 30 concerts of top international caliber on the campuses of Reed College and Portland State University, which host two of the region’s acoustically finest and most intimate halls for chamber music.  CMNW’s Artistic Director since 1981 has be...
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Bunch: Ralph's Old Records for Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Cello, and PIano N/A
I - Chi-Chi Hotcha Watchee Stomp (3:35) N/A
II - Celestial Debris (5:22) N/A
III - I Didn't Hear Nobody Pray (3:27) N/A
IV - When I Grew Too Old to Dream, Dream, Dream One More Dream Came True (2:57) N/A
V - Off to the Foxes (6:53) N/A
Shulman: Rendezvous
Composer: Alan Shulman
Ensemble: Dover Quartet
Recording Date: Thu 23 Jul 2015
Rendezvous for Clarinet and Strings (6:10) N/A