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Theo Verbey (5 July 1959 - 13 October 2019) was a Dutch composer of contemporary classical music whose style has been described as “energetic and appealing.”  He first achieved recognition with his orchestral arrangement of Alban Berg's Piano Sonata op.1, a piece he orchestrated in 1984 while he was studying at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. That work is still widely performed and has been recorded twice, appearing on both the Chandos and Decca labels. Re...
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Verbey: Sestetto N/A
Composer: Theo Verbey
Recording Date: Wed 11 Nov 1998
1. Andante (0:59) N/A
2.Tempo di tango (0:59) N/A
3. Adagio (0:59) N/A
4. Allegro (0:59) N/A
Verbey: Invitation to a Beheading
Composer: Theo Verbey
Conductor: Claus Peter Flor
Recording Date: Sat 6 Dec 2008
Invitation to a Beheading (7:28) N/A
Verbey: LIED for Trombone and Orchestra (2007) N/A
Composer: Theo Verbey
Conductor: Markus Stenz
Recording Date: Sat 22 Nov 2008
Crotchet = 56 (0:59) N/A
Crotchet = 112 N/A N/A
Crotchet = 66 N/A N/A
Crotchet = 132 N/A N/A
Verbey: Conciso
Composer: Theo Verbey
Conductor: Mark Foster
Recording Date: Mon 1 Jan 1996
II - Conciso (0:59) N/A
Verbey: Passamezzo
Composer: Theo Verbey
Recording Date: Thu 1 Apr 1999
Passemezzo (0:59) N/A