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Kaija Saariaho, Composer
12 fans
Saw her beautiful opera "L'Amour de Loin" in Santa Fe. Unforgettable.  Tristanbird77  / Saariaho studied composition in Helsinki, Freiburg and Paris, where she has lived since 1982. Her research at the Institute for Research and Coordination Acoustic (IRCAM) marked a turning point in her music away from strict serialism towards spectralism. Her characteristically rich, polyphonic textures are often created by combining live music and electronics. In 1986, Saariaho was awarded the Kranichstein...
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Saariaho: Leino Songs N/A
Composer: Kaija Saariaho
Recording Date: Fri 23 Mar 2018
Sua katselen (2:59) N/A
Sydän (2:34) N/A
Rauha (4:45) N/A
Iltarukous (3:05) N/A
Saariaho: Nocturne for Violin
Nocturne for Violin (5:02) N/A
Saariaho: Laterna Magica
Composer: Kaija Saariaho
Conductor: Franz Welser-Möst
Recording Date: Sat 4 Feb 2012
Laterna Magica (27:12) N/A
Saariaho: Je sens un deuxième coeur N/A
I - Je dévoile ma peau (I unveil my body) (4:03) N/A
II - Ouvre-moi, vite (Open up to me!) (2:13) N/A
III - Dans le rêve, elle l'attendait (In her dreams, she was waiting) (3:52) N/A
IV - Il faut que j'entre (Let me in) (2:23) N/A
V - Je sens un deuxième cœur qui bat tout près du mien (I feel a second heart) (5:08) N/A
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