Daron Hagen, Composer
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Daron Hagen (b. 1961) is an American composer and sought-after collaborator whose dazzlingly broad stylistic range embraces everything from lush romanticism to abstract electro-acoustic soundscapes. Along with numerous other accolades, including the Guggenheim Fellowship and the Friedheim Prize, the American Academy of Arts and Letters cited in 2014 his “outstanding achievement," acknowledging with an Academy Award "a composer who has arrived at his own voice." The mid-career recipient of ...
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Hagen: Vegetable Verselets N/A
Intro / About... (0:59) N/A
VIII - Nautical Language (2:27) N/A
Hagen: Koto Concerto: Genji N/A
Composer: Daron Hagen
Conductor: David Curtis
Recording Date: Sat 28 May 2011
I - Cicada Shell (5:41) N/A
II - Falling Flowers (5:09) N/A
III - Maiden on the Bridge (5:21) N/A
IV - Floating on the Bridge of Dreams (5:27) N/A
V - Vanished into the Clouds (5:56) N/A
Hagen: Book of Days N/A
I, II, III - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (8:20) N/A
IV - Thursday (2:48) N/A
V - Friday (3:28) N/A
VI - Saturday (2:07) N/A
VII - Sunday (3:23) N/A
Hagen: Suite for Piano
Composer: Daron Hagen
Recording Date: Sun 31 May 2009
Suite for Piano (2:12) Album Only
Hagen: Suite for Piano Album Only
Toccata (2:00) Album Only
Sarabande (3:10) Album Only
Aria (2:47) Album Only
Medley (2:02) Album Only