“Classical Arizona PBS” is your mobile companion to find out about concert events throughout Arizona, listen to broadcast productions produced by Central Sound at Arizona PBS (, enjoy video excerpts from live performances, and much more. 

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* What’s New
Highlights the latest event and the most recent music, video, news and information.
* Concerts
A curated list of classical music performances that occur in the Phoenix metro area and throughout Arizona. (Events outside Phoenix will be marked appropriately). Get complete performance information including venue, dates, artists, tickets and more.
* Music
Listen to select live music recordings and productions produced by Central Sound at Arizona PBS, including those featured on the radio programs ‘Southwest Season Ticket’ and ‘ASU in Concert,’ as heard on the airwaves of 89.5 FM KBAQ and Classical Arizona PBS (DTV Channel 8.4).  Plus, experience exclusive content including expanded interviews and music selections. 
* Videos
Enjoy specially produced video excerpts from live performances throughout Arizona
Content produced by Central Sound at Arizona PBS.

 is dedicated to capturing classical and acoustic music performances of the highest professional caliber, taking special care to preserve the authenticity of the experience. As a premier provider of audio services, Central Sound is committed to serving as a central hub for notable musical events in the community, bringing concerts of internationally acclaimed artists, performances by leading ASU faculty and the next generation of young musicians to thousands of listeners. Striving for that quintessential sound, we produce numerous programs for broadcast on the airwaves of KBAQ-FM, as well as exceptional television audio, featured on Arizona PBS and beyond.