Instrument: Cello
Joined WSO: 2013
Hometown: London, ON

What is your favourite piece of music to play?
I’d have to say the Bach cello suites – at the moment, especially the 6th Sarabande. His writing is so clear and heartfelt that sometimes I feel like the music is just flowing right out of my own soul!

What famous person in history who played at Carnegie Hall would you have most liked to see/meet?
Pablo Casals.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?
Listen to music as much as you can. There is more than a lifetime’s supply of inspiring and exciting music out there.

If you could bump into a famous New Yorker who would it be?
Does Christopher Walken still live in New York? If I ran into him I could give him some cello-playing tips…

What do you plan to do with your time in New York?
I plan to visit friends, walk around a lot, maybe do some free kayaking, and definitely eat lots of food!

What New York food are you most looking forward to eating?
Prosperity Dumpling.

Who is your favourite composer?
I think I’ll have to go with good old J.S. Bach on this one.

What is the last song you played on your iPod, or last CD you played in your car or at home?
Just checked my iPod – it appears the last thing I was listening to was “Volcanoes” by the band Islands.

When attending a concert, what makes a great performance stand out?
If you can tell that the performers are truly enjoying and appreciating the music to its full potential, I’ll most likely be having a good time too.

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