The ArtistWorks Online Classical Campus is your competitve advantage for auditions and competitions - or simply to take your classical music performance skills to the next level.  Get unlimited access to an essential collection of HD video classical music lessons, fundamental skills, etudes, key orchestral excerpts and solo repertoire from today's virtuoso players and Principals in major orchestras across the United States.

The ArtistWorks Classical Campus features classical music lessons from the following virtuosos in these core instruments:

Jeffrey Khaner - Flute
Nathan Cole - Violin
David Bilger - Trumpet
Ricardo Morales - Clarinet
William Caballero - French Horn
Jason Vieaux - Guitar
Christie Peery - Piano
Best of all, ArtistWorks' Video Exchange™ Accelerated Learning Platform lets you show your legendary teaching artist what you’re playing and get personalized video feedback designed to take your playing to the next level. These interactions are paired together online for you and all the students to learn from.  
The ArtistWorks Classical Campus is a global learning community centered around master teachers and enthusiatic players all focused on taking their musicianship to highest levels.  No other method provides this kind of personalized interaction and community.

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