For 27 years, The Hanover Wind Symphony (or HWS) has played to enthusiastic audiences in and around the greater Morris County region. Our members are your neighbors – volunteers who share a love for music as well as enriching the cultural fabric of the community with the thrill of live wind band performances.

By day HWS Members are accountants, engineers, teachers and executives. Most of us grew up around music - probably first learning to play in elementary or middle school. Today, we come together so as to connect musically with others, share the enjoyment of music with live audiences, and help mentor the next generation of wind musicians.

The HWS was founded in 1985 by Peter Boor, who saw the need for an adult ensemble with the capability to perform music of the highest caliber. At the group’s premiere performance, there were 30 musicians. Now in its 27th season, the Hanover Wind Symphony has more than doubled in size. Roughly half of our members have been in the symphony for over fifteen years, with five of the founding members still active. Such longevity is rare in a group of this nature, demonstrating the dedication and devotion of the players as well as enhancing the distinctive character of the band.

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to bring “music to people and people to music” with the magic of live performances