Polish classical singer - jugendlich-dramatischer sopran. Interpreter of contemporary music and oratorio singer. Winner of Grand Prix Elizabeth Connell Prize in Sydney, Universal Music Award. One of the greatest baroque singers in Poland. She has an extensive 3.5 octave voice scale, extraordinary skill, excellent vocal technique and a unique dark timbre. Repertoire of Anna Patrys includes 15 operatic roles, 35 world premieres of contemporary music, over 110 cantatas and oratorios, about 100 contemporary works, more than 800 songs, more than 300 chamber works and vocal major symphonies including Symphony of Sorrowful Songs by H.M.Górecki, 9th Symphony by L.v. Beethoven, Symphony "Lobgesang" byF. Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Elegerunt Apostoli-Sinfonia Sacra by M.Zielenski, W. Kilar - Angelus, as well as with an extensive and powerful vocal works written for mezzo-sopranos such as symphonies by G.Mahler.


Awards and dis tinctions:


2015. Second prize in the Jakub Pustina International Vocal Competition (Zdar nad Sazavou)

2015. Nominated in the plebiscite Nowiny Jeleniogórskie "Human of the Year 2014"

2014. Nominated in the plebiscite for „Paszporty Polityki”(Politic Passports) in category MUSIC

2014. GRAND PRIX Elizabeth Connell Prize (Sydney)

2014. Universal Music Award (Sydney)

2007. - Emmy Award - soundtrack "Holocaust. A music memorial film from Auschwitz" - BBC / TVP / ZDF (member of the musicians team)

2001. - First special award at the National Competition of Slavic Vocal Music

2000. - Finalist of National Vocal Competition name Franciszka Platówna