" North  Venice "  Opera house - a young  opera.  It was created by young and talented opera singers unde Lyudmila   Modina the leadership of   the St. Petersburg   music and theater critic. The concept of the theater - to acquaint  the Russian public with the music, which  does not sound  on the Russian stage .

For five   years the  theater  staged opera  "Anna   Bolena "   by Donizetti,   "Acis and Galatea "   Handel's ,  "Little   harlequinade   Salieri.

      The theater   has returned    to the Russian   scene  G retchaninov   forgotten    opera  " Dobrinya   Nikitich  " and       Gulak  -Artemovsky "Zaporozhets   beyond the Danube   ."  

The project    "World   Opera " theater   works   with conductors   and directors   from many countries   over the Russian   operas and   works of   contemporary composers.