The Boyer College of Music and Dance is committed to nurturing talented students through quality programs and is committed to advancing music and dance as art forms, as media for human expression, and as subjects of intellectual inquiry. Recognizing that all the arts possess unique powers---to move the spirit, to excite the mind, to reveal the past, to celebrate the future, to instruct, to heal, to foster communication---the College seeks to advance dance and music in their myriad, interrelated forms through creative and scholarly work, teaching, and service, according to the highest academic and artistic standards of excellence. The College seeks to provide an inclusive educational community which honors the uniqueness of the individual, values diversity of perspective, and affirms dance and music as central to society and culture

As an integral part of Temple University, the Boyer College shares the ideals of Russell Conwell upon which Temple was founded: to recognize talent and personal potential wherever they may be found, to provide educational opportunities for meritorious students regardless of financial means, and to serve as an active and constructive presence in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Core Values
The Boyer College is guided by Core Values that reflect its distinguished past and its aspirations for the future.

-Excellence and innovation in music and dance
-Highest quality educational programs
-Unique interdisciplinary perspective
-Cohesive, inclusive, engaged college community
-Active citizenship within the University and beyond