Jordan Hack is currently a senior at Utah Valley University majoring in Digital Media with emphasis in Audio Production under Mike Wisland. He has been in the program since August of 2008, and has participated in many competitions and program activities.

Jordan attended the 2009 Audio Engineering Society convention in New York as a competitor in the student competition, and will also be attending this year with the university. He also participated in the Skills USA Utah competition placing 2nd, as well as representing UVU at the 2009 BlogWorld New Media Expo in Las Vegas, NV hosting an "audio basics" booth assisting podcasters in achieving better audio. 

Jordan has mainly been working on genres such as Rock, Jazz, Alternative, Country, and Pop, but hadn't done much work in Classical until Michael Blinco, a friend he grew up with, started giving him Classical work. His work in the Classical genre started with simple Noise Reduction, then was asked shortly after to master Bach Collegium San Diego's album "Complete Bach Motets" released May of 2010. 

Jordan and Mike Blinco are currently working on starting a company under the name "Hacked Audio," but are still in the funding stage. As soon as Hacked Audio has established a workable portfolio, the company will move public probably with an LLC attached to its name.  

Jordan is happily married to the woman of his dreams Nicole, and has his mind set on becoming a respected Recording/Editing/Mixing/Mastering/Restoration Engineer. (any or all of the above)