Teresa Cristina Madiedo Cabello
      From 1980 to 2000 Teresa Madiedo served as Classical Guitar Soloist for the Centro Nacional de la Musica
Concierto in Havana Cuba.
Critics have recognized and praised her passionate, yet style and virtuosity
She Has performed in concerts and recitals in the major cities of Cuba, Mexico Costa Rica Algeria
Ecuador and USA.
She has shared her artistic expression by offering Master Classes to the students of the conservatories
of these countries.
She has performed in concert with the Symphonic Orchestra of Matanzas Cuba and varios chamber’s orchestras
and quartets from Havana and Tijuana Baja California Mexico.
From 1972-1985 she performed part of the duet "Madiedo Perez Puentes. During this time she toured and performed
Nationally and internationally filming and recording for Mexican an Cuban Television and radio.
She has recorded under the Egrem label and has performed in diverse International Festivals including the
first Cuban Mexican meeting of Guitarist (Mexico 1981) Festival Internacional de guitarra de La Habana
Cuba in 1982,1984 and 1992, Festival Internacional de Guitarra Quito Ecuador 1996,1997,and Festival
Internacional de guitarra from Tijuana Mexico,2001,2002-2003 and Festival internacional de guitarra Ciudad
Juarez e Ixtlahuaca, Mexico .She also performed part of the duet of Flute and guitar" Madiedo Esquenazi and also 
with her daughter Cristina Perez Madiedo, (first price Boston Guitar Fest 2007).
Her professional career even transcends into the teaching worldland also has written, produced and directed
the Radio programe "Sabados de la Guitarra" for CMBF Radio Musical Nacional of La Habana Cuba.
She was Professor of Guitar at the Conservatory "Manuel Saumell " and "Adolfo Guzman "since 1980 to
1998,and also in the "Escuela Nacional de Música ENA in 1994-1996-1998-2000.
She has even created an innovative method for teaching elementary .guitar based on association of colored
notes to colored strings. 1985- The preface of this unique method was written by the Maestro Leo Brouwer
In 1990 She founded and Organized an annual event entitled Festival Infantil de Guitarra de La Habana
with the "Manuel Saumell'; s Conservatory
She has attended Master Classes from Maestros,Leo Brouwer; JesusOrtega, Ichiro Susuki; Costa Costiolis
and Shin Ichi Fukuda,
Teresa Madiedo, began her studied of the guitar in1970,Her first teacher was Fransisqueta Vallalta (Daughter of the
Spanish guitarist Jose Vallalta),followed by Professor Carlos Molina and Efrain Amador at the Institute Superior de
Arte form La Habana and Conservatory "Amadeo Roldan,She also performed in the guitar ensemble in the Amadeo
Roidans'Conservatory with the direction by Maestro Flores Chaviano, also she studied Polyphony with Sergio
Fernandez Barroso, Harmony with Magalis Ruiz and Analysis Musical with Tamara Martin.
She holds,Lcenciatura en Musica en la especialidad de Guitarra. (Bachelor degree in Music with Major in Guitar)
Teaching Experience
2010 to present Miami Dade College North campus. Guitar instructor
2006-2007 Universidad del Cauca Popayan Colombia,
2000-2007 Centro Hispanoamericano de guitarra Tijuana Baja California Mexico,Profesora de Guitarra
                        Conservatorio de la Orquesta Baja California Música cámara solfeo e Historia de la Musica,
1998-2000 Escuela Nacional de Musica ENA,Profesora de Guitarra Ensembles de guitarras e Historia,
1996-1998 Conservatorio Mozarte Quito Ecuador
1994-1996 Escuela Nacional de Música ENA La Habana Cuba,
1998-1999 Conservatorio Manuel Saumell.
1980-1996 Conservatorio Adolfo Guzmán y Manuel Saumell Profesora de Guitarra.
 Misisoirelami.(colored notes for colored strings) I y II, 30 Estudios para Guitarra, Extraños Suenos
(flauta y guit),Atardecer l y ll (Guitarra Contrabajo,flauta y Clarinete), Son California (4guit),Guitar Solos (12 piezas), Mi pequeña guitarra.
Preludio ySon para Dos (Contrabajo y Guitarra.).Son California (4 Guitarras)
CD,-Pasajero en el Tempo, and Arenas Tristes-
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