“Zlata Chochieva is a rising world class pianist. The depth of her performances, unique power and maturity are impressive. It seems, she can easily penetrate the secret treasures of composers’ ideas. I believe that Zlata has a tremendous future. Her performance sparkles with unusual clarity and sincerity which is natural only for exceptional talents”.
T.Khosroev, Member of the Composers Union Russian Federation

Zlata Chochieva was born in 1985 in Moscow. At the age of four she started receiving her basic music education as a pianist in the studio of Nina Dolenko at the Flier Music School.
In 2000-2003 she continued studying the piano under the supervision of the world-known musician Mikhail Pletnev in the Central Special Music School at Moscow State Conservatory (studio of Kira Shashkina).
In 2008 she graduated with the distinction from Moscow State Conservatory under the instruction of the noted pianist, professor Pavel Nersessian. Zlata is currently a postgraduate student, continuing in the studio of the same professor.

When Zlata was 8, she made her debut on the stage of Grand Hall of Moscow State Conservatory, performing Mozart’s concerto No 17 with an orchestra. Ever since then she has been giving recitals and performing with various orchestras in the most well-known concert halls of Moscow, other Russian cities and abroad (Italy, Spain, Denmark, Poland, France, Germany…).
She has made many concert appearances with Russian and foreign philharmonic orchestras, including several performances with Russian National Orchestra (conductor Mikhail Pletnev), “Danish Tivoli Orchestra” (conductor Terje Mikkelsen), “The Royal Chamber Orchestra Wallonia” (conductor Paul Goodwin), “The Munich chamber orchestra”.
Zlata is the winner and prize-winner of 15 piano national and international competitions (Russia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Germany).

She is a grant recipient of the “Russian Performing Art” fund.
In 2005 Zlata was named “Honorable Artist of North Ossetia Republic”, becoming the youngest artist ever in the Republic to be so recognized.

She has several recordings made in Russia, Poland, Denmark.
Her performances have been broadcasted on the radio and TV in Russia and abroad (the USA, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Germany…).
She has participated in a number of festivals, including “The Easter Festival” in Moscow and “ARD Festival” in Munich.

"...Amazing easiness and extraordinary inner power"
 Crescendo magazine

“To listen to Mademoiselle Chochieva’s playing during the Festival in Courchevel was a great pleasure.
She is a very intelligent and sensitive musician. In her playing she combines depth with fantasy, providing the audience with a wide sound palette. The feeling of form allows her to fully suggest her own interpretations, and at the same time remain quite convincing in various styles. I believe she is one of those exceptional pianists who can fairly claim advancement in career”.
Concert pianist Pascal Devoyon