"We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams"

From the first words of 19th-century poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy’s famous poem Ode is drawn the name of the Orchestra of the Music Makers. With all the passion and vigour of youthfulness the musicians of the orchestra strive to achieve what O’Shaughnessey extols in his poem: an important place in the society which supports them and a relentless pursuit of the new.

The Orchestra was founded to fill a growing shortage in the national music community. Singapore’s maturing amateur instrumentalists, after parting with the youth orchestras of their adolescence, were left with precious few opportunities for playing music. The formation of the Orchestra provides a new platform for musical performance while actively involving such talents in the community. With established professional musicians as mentors, the existence of the group was realised in 2008. Current members have had experience playing in a wide variety of school, youth and professional orchestras, as well as those of specialised institutions of music.

In its creation its primary aims were to nurture the enthusiasm and ability of these youth, and to build itself up over time as one of the leading musical groups in the country. It is proud also to pledge itself to various charitable causes in future concerts and projects.

The Music Makers come to birth with refreshing repertoire that anticipates its future programming. In its exploration of the vast classical canon, it seeks to delve into accessible modern works such as those of the post-minimalists, the realm of film music, and symphonic masterpieces stretching back through the centuries. Ultimately, the orchestra intends to concern itself with the entirety of classical music: from all places, at all times.