The University of Suwon was founded by Kowoon foundation in 1982 under the mottos of Thrift, Justice, and Originality. The University has rapidly grown to be one of the major universities in Seoul metropolitan area by virtue of superb educational environment and sincere efforts of prestigious faculty and excellent students.
It presently comprises ten colleges with eight divisions and forty six departments as well as a graduate school and seven special graduate schools.

greeting the first year of the new millenium, the University has made and been carrying out short-and-long-term plans in order to actively meet the changes of national and interiverse needs of the country, and ultimately to develop its competitive power among universities of the world. With that purpose in mind, the University continues to develop a more suitable educational system and offer a high quality educational service to students. The multi-major system is one of those efforts through which students are expected to be able to develop their capabilities in broad and various ways. Moreover, the University is operating various research institutes, such as Kowoon Institute of Technology Innovation and Regional Consortium Center, and has been playing the role of the mecca of the development of fundamental sciences as well as the stronghold of the cooperation of industries with universities.

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