After winning the prestigious first place and "Diplome d'Honneur" at the Torneo Internazionale di Musica Competition in Paris (France) in 2006, the Macedonian Trio Interart has gained important recognition for their dedicated work in the area of chamber music.
Following the TIM competition they were invited to perform in Rome with 6 other laureates of chamber music competitions from the whole world.
The trio was formed in 1997 in Germany, where Macedonian flute players Aleksandar Stefanovski and Emilija Ristevska joined with Japanese pianist Makiko Hirata to perform a recital in Altenburg, followed by 2 concerts in Macedonia.
In Macedonia the current formation of the Interart trio (Emilija Ristevska-Stefanovska – flute, Aleksandar Stefanovski-flute and Tatjana Bozinovska-piano) has performed at the most important concert podiums and festivals (“Ohrid Summer Festival”, “Skopje Summer Festival”, Heracleas evenings”- Bitola, “Bitola’s Cultural Summer”, “Musical Tuesday” - Bitola, “Salon 19.19” - Skopje, “Golden Lyre” etc.), they produced the first classical music video that is now aired on most TV stations in the country and their first CD which was promoted in NewYork, USA.
The trio in 2006 has won the most prestige Bitola, s prize “4 November”.
All instrumentalists in the trio are highly accomplished soloists and have performed in Macedonia and abroad in recitals or with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra.
The programme of the trio consists of pieces by F. Doppler, A. Firstenau, J. M. Damase. F. Kuhlau, Moscheles, G. F. Telemann, F. Benda, W. A. Mozart, J. B. Loeillet, C. P. E. Bach, F. W. Riedt, M.Amlin, G.Faure etc.
They have performed in France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Croatia and for the 8 September 2007, the Independence day of Macedonia they gave a concert at the Macedonian Cultural Centre in New York, USA and have promoted their first CD. In 2008 the trio has performed at the International Festival “North Quabbin's Center for Performing Art” in New Salem, USA. In 2008 they have recorded their second CD with contemporary music.
In 2009 the trio won the third place on the International Competition Premio “Citta di Padova” in Padova, Italy.
Emilija and Aleksandar Stefanovski Tatjana Bozinovska
Gavrilo Princip 9 – Bitola, Macedonia Jorgo Osmano 18 – Bitola, Macedonia
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