NOISE is an ensemble of accomplished soloists with a deep commitment to chamber music. NOISE presents concerts that are energetic andengaging as well as intellectually stimulating and technically sophisticated. We believe that music which is sometimes called complex, difficult, or avant-garde is accessible to any audience when performed with passion and conviction. The repertoire of NOISE is focused on three artistic trajectories, their histories, and their intersections:

1. new complexity and threshold performative challenges
2. high-intensity grooves and minimalism
3. imaginative textures and soundscapes

As the ensemble-in-residence of San Diego New Music, NOISE organizes and presents the soundON Festival of Modern Music, conducts residencies upon invitation from academic and performing arts institutions, and records repertoire through collaboration with composers.

Our vision for NOISE is to develop new repertoire through collaboration with an ever widening pool of composers, both established and emerging, through residencies across the United States and internationally, and to professionally record the repertoire of composers to whose work we are particularly committed.